The topic that is constantly stressed with all Humane Societies when you adopt your feline. Why you wonder is so important on this. The reason is simple, cats multiply like rabbits. And more and more stray cats get killed, abandoned and even stranded and left to starve to death. We expect cats to fend for themselves sometimes at too young of an age. Like many felines lovers/ pet lovers humane societies and other organizations that believe in animal rights ask you to do a simple thing called, taking responsibilities of your own pets. If you can afford and handle to keep a littler of kittens or have a purebred then this is not a good idea, but if it’s none of the above then fixing is the best for you. It calms down the ruthless male especially if living in with other female or male cats, and it will also help eliminate the females monthly howling! Which seems to be a good reason in the first place. So please have your pet fixed for your animals well-being as well as your own.