People hear the purr from their cat when their cat is in a state of happiness, they are generally content with what ever is going on around them. Often times this is exactly the reason why your cat is purring and it should be taken as a good sign that your cat is completely happy and healthy at that point and time. Cats learn from the time that they are born to purr when they are happy. They purr when they drink the milk from their mother, to show that they are grateful for the milk. They purr when you pet them because they want to show that they are grateful for the pet.

Another few reasons for cat purrs can be a sign of distress or when they are sick. This is why you can usually hear purring when you enter a vet that has a few cats inside. Older cats tend to purr when they are playing with other cats too. This is the older cats friendly signal to the other cat. You see, there is more than one reason why your cat could be purring. Most commonly though, it is because they are happy with what is going on.