Cats are beautiful, elegant animals that often have something of a regal air about them. At the same time, they can be fickle and unruly. If you are interested in getting your cat to wear one of the many luxury cat collars out there, you will need to train them from a young age. There are many different types of collar that suitable for both kittens and cats alike. Like dog collars, a lot of people will attach a small pendant onto their cat’s collar. This pendant will normally have the cat’s name inscribed, as well as the telephone number of the owner.


More and more people are beginning to take their cats for walks. This practice was once considered strange, but it is often seen as practical. Cat owners who live in high-rise apartments will often want to their animals for a walk simply because they do not get much of a chance to get out during the day, and leaving the window open provides them with too much risk of falling. It is possible to get harnesses which you can attach to your cat’s collar, making it easier to put on when you want to take them for a walk.

Glow in the Dark

This is a unique type of collar that comes in many shapes and sizes, to suit all cats. Some people may take their cats in at night, but others will allow them to wander. As a result of this, it is important to keep the animal safe. Giving your cat a glow-in-the-dark collar will ensure that it does not get run over. Cars will usually see the glowing collar and therefore be able to avoid running over the cat when they see it.

Leather Collars

Leather collars are often going to be of good quality, and are therefore a great choice. You can get a number of them which will also have bells included. Bells are sometimes added to luxury cat collars in order to frighten away birds. In some areas, the bird population is dwindling due to the amount of cats that are hunting them down. As a result, putting bells on collars can do a lot for the bird population and keep your cat free from any diseases that they may pick up from time to time.

Online Shopping

There are plenty of places online where you can go and take a look at the different merchandise. Make sure to take a look through the prices as well and do a little bit of comparison. You will be surprised at some of the Luxury cat collar collection which help to keep your pet safe when they are out wandering around the neighborhood.