Welcome to our squirrel care page! Squirrels are one of the funniest animals to learn about. Better yet, they are one of the funniest animals to rescue, raise and release back to the wild. Squirrels are very loving, funny and smart animals. After watching squirrels for a while, you realize that they love to have fun, sometimes by teasing neighborhood dogs or chasing each other. Squirrels are also extremely smart, as you will see after watching them for any extended period of time.

We do not advocate keeping squirrels in cages in your home unless your squirrel is handicapped. Squirrels need all their faculties to be able to have a reasonable chance of surviving in the wild. If your squirrel is missing a limb, not able to see with both eyes, has seizures, or is crippled in some way, he will not be able to make it and must be caged and taken care of. Squirrels can only be kept in steel cages. Other types of cages will be gnawed through and your squirrel will escape. Please keep in mind that it is illegal in most states to “keep” a squirrel as a pet. If you are going to do so, please obtain the appropriate permits. Many state officials will terminate a disabled squirrel, so make sure you have a permit BEFORE you say that you “own” a squirrel.

Baby squirrels fall from the nest and must be weaned if Mom squirrel is not able to retrieve her fallen young. Mom squirrels will try to bring their babies back into the nest just like a cat will carry a kitten. If you find a baby squirrel, please try and give Mom some time to get it provided it is not in danger of being eaten by a predator or run over by a car. The baby squirrel should not be left in the open long, he will get cold, hungry and dehydrated. If you have a baby squirrel and don’t know what to feed him, go to our baby squirrel page or to Squirrels-R-Forever.com. You will be surprised at how loving and sweet a baby squirrel can be.