After I told you all about how to rescue a squirrel and release them back into the wild, I though it would be fun to end the article with some interesting facts that you may or may not know about squirrels in general. You can choose to read them as well, or decide that this article was already too long, I won’t judge. :)

  • Squirrels have a maximum jumping distance of 20 feet. Their legs are incredibly strong and give them the boost they need to achieve such a long distance in relation to their body size.
  • The squirrel can easily run up and down trees and things of that nature because of their double jointed back legs.
  • Liters consist of 2 to 4 baby squirrels, and mating season is February through May. While a female squirrel is in heat, they can be smelled by a male from a mile away.
  • Squirrels have a different number of toes on their back legs than on their front legs. The front legs only have four toes where the back legs have five.
  • Australia and Antarctica are the only two continents that squirrels are not found on.
  • A squirrel can fall a distance of 100 feet and still be completely unharmed physically.
  • The squirrel has eyes that are in a position to see things that may be behind them