Did you know that rabbits were raised by humans as far back as 600 B.C.? That is just one of many fun facts that make rabbits such a special animal. I have gathered some of the most interesting facts to share with you in this article.
Oryctolagus Cuniculus is the scientific name for a rabbit. A European rabbit is the most common pet rabbit in the world. The rabbits scientific name literally means the burrower. Rabbits can make a wonderful choice for a pet, and they are explorers at heart. They tend to live in larger groups when they are in the wild. They are incredibly smart and work together to achieve common goals. Rabbits are herbivores, which basically means they eat veggies and plants only.
Rabbits don’t eat meat, and they tend to love water, timothy hay, and rabbit pellets. At least that is what you would most likely feed them as a pet. Twenty five different kinds of rabbits make up the varieties that we see in pictures and books. Many of which are extremely unique with their color pattern and their size. They hay is a common choice for feeding because it helps grind those teeth down and prevents them from growing too big, which can happen. It is also a great way to help their digestion too!


Other Interesting Tidbits About Rabbits

A father rabbit is technically called a “Buck”, while a mother rabbit is called a “Doe”. Bunny, kitten, or kit make up the baby rabbits names. The groups are called colonies, warrens, or droves. Rabbits are not hares, and hares are not rabbits. They are very similar, and even share some lineage in the scientifically classified family known as Leporidae. You can tell the difference between the two by looking at their ears and legs. A hare will have longer ears and longer legs than that of a rabbit. They give birth and live very differently from rabbits as well. Thus why it is important to know which one is which.


Most of the time, rabbits will do their burrowing under the ground level. Hares are the other way around, they do most of their living above the ground level. Rabbits are a bit more versatile and will come above ground when they need something, but you will almost never see a hare go under ground. Hares are born with hair and are extremely active, whereas a rabbit is born with no hair and doesn’t even have its eyes open yet.