Plants of all kind have always been a mystery to people for what is dangerous to the cat and what is not. (They never even thought to ask.) It is always best to be safer than sorry, so here is the following plants that should be avoided if you have a cat, as though most are very pleasant to the cat and will attract them. (Hey if it smells good, it taste good.) If you don’t want to get rid or avoid these plants then please place them as far away from the cat as possible or put them in hanging baskets. (yeah cause we might have fun digging in soft, sweet, warm, dirt!!).

Here’s a list of Poisonous Plants for Cats

English Ivy, Nephthytis, Cuban Laurel, Onions, Oriental Lily, Cyclamen, stem and leaves), Elephant Ears, Buddhist Pine, Azalea, Dracaena Palm, Apple Leaf Croton, Asparagus Fern, Charming Dieffenbachia, Elaine, Lily of the Valley, Peace Lily, Easter Lily, Buckeye, Apple (seeds), Devil’s Ivy, Daffodil, Cherry (seeds and wilting leaves) Chinese Evergreen, Oleander, Clematis, Golden Pothos, Poison Ivy, Red Emerald, Jerusalem Cherry, German Ivy, Eucalyptus, Cineraria, Apricot (pit), Rhododendron, Lacy Tree Philodendron, Dumb Cane, Mother-in-law’s Tongue (Dangerous for more than just cats, Emerald Feather, Geranium, Taro Vine, Striped Dracaena, Marble Queen, Caster Bean Ceriman, Mexican Breadfruit, Tropic Snow Dieffenbachia, Cornstalk Plant, Heartland Philodendron, Fruit Salad Plant, Sago Palm, Cycads, Red Princess, Foxglove, Tomato Plant (green fruit, Dragon Tree, Spotted Dumb Cane, Plumosa Fern, Morning Glory, Kalanchoe, hehe), Giant Dumb Cane, Minaiture Croton, Janet Craig Dracaena, Ribbon Plant, Calla Lily, Peach (wilting leaves and pits), Schfflera, Mistletoe, Croton, Indian Rubber Plant, Pencil Cactus, Autumn Crocus, Pothos, Glacier Ivy, Needlepoint Ivy, Tree Philodendron, Christmas Rose, Corn Plant, Marijuana, Tiger Lily, Cut leaf Philodendron, Swiss Cheese Plant,Aloe Vera, Hurricane Plant, Red-margined Dracaena, Narcissus, Saddle Leaf Philodendron, Amaryllis, String of Pearls, Florida Beauty, Hahn’s Self-branching Ivy, Nightshade, Caladium, Silver Pothos, Weeping Fig and Yew, Japanese Show Lily, Primrose, poison Oak, Fiddle-leaf fig, Precatory Bean, Dieffenbachia, Sweetheart Ivy, Cordatum, Bird of Paradise Branching Ivy, Poinsettia (low toxicity), Gold Dust Dracaena, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Satin Pothos, and Baby’s Breath.

But please keep in mind that these are just the house plants. Anti-freeze is also very attractive to cats and is highly poisonous. (I totally agree with my owner, I myself have no idea what these plants are called but I rather not have them then get sick on them).

So please cat proof your home as if you were child proofing!