Before you get your kittens there are lots of things you need to do before you actually bring your kittens home. Be sure you have all the things you will need so you won’t have to go to the store and leave your kittens home alone and unattended. In the beginning, kittens need someone around to help them adjust to being away from their brothers, sisters and especially, Mommie. The following list is all of the necessities you will need for your new kittens:

  • Cat Box
  • Poop Scooper
  • Ceramic Food Bowls*
  • Cat Food
  • Cat Toys
  • Cat Treats
  • Soft Cat Bed

*Use ONLY ceramic bowls! Plastic bowls are porous and collect food in the pores. That food rots and creates bacteria. When your cat eats his food from a bacteria infested bowl, he might develop a form of acne on his chin. This will require a vet trip, where the veterinarian will shave the affected area, lance the pimples, and you will have to treat your cat with a cat acne topical cream.

Check your house to make sure it is “kitten proofed” and there are no holes he can squeeze into and hide, and no string or bad things he could eat. Kittens will go into very small spaces, as pictured, where you can’t get to him for hours.

Decide where you want his bathroom facilities to be located. A spare closet with the door ajar, a spare bathroom, or perhaps the basement are choice places for this purpose. Set up the cat box lined with newspapers, about 4 inches of litter, and a splash mat or litter catcher if that is required.

Establish where you will feed you cat and set up the water and food bowl. If you have a dog, the washer or dryer are great places where your cat can eat and your dog can’t get to her food. In the beginning when your kitten is young, you may have to put some boxes up to the washer or dryer if that’s where you are going to feed your kitty so she can get up there. Feed your kitten a food specially made for kittens, not adult cats. Kittens are growing and need extra calcium and fat. Try Science Diet, Iams, or Nutre Max kitten food. Cats and kittens should have food available all day long. Leave dry food in a bowl and refill as necessary.

Place your kitten’s bed and toys in a place where he can get to them whenever he wants them. You may want his bed near your own bed, or let him sleep with you at night.

Now you are ready to bring your cat home. Click here to find out what to do when you first walk in the door with him.