It can be a great thing when you have a kitten that you can snuggle up with and call your own. But, there are also important care tips that you should take into consideration before having a kitten in your home. The things that you do for the kitten within the first half a year can effect them for the rest of their lives. It sounds exaggerated, but it really isn’t. It is easy to get caught up in the “cuteness” factor of it all. Just keep these tips in mind though, they will help you for a lifetime of kittens.

Cost & Breed

The first thing you should think about is whether or not you can afford to raise a cat. Also, different breeds are going to affect your bank account differently. Some breeds require a lot more maintenance than others and in turn will be a lot more expensive. By knowing the different breeds and what they cost beforehand with a little research, you can avoid this. Because we all know that getting attached to kittens is not hard, and once you have that expensive kitty it is as good as a done deal.

Kitten-proofing Your Home

After you adopted your kitten around 10-12 weeks into their lives, the next step would be to ensure your house is going to be ready for a kitten. You want the house to be fun for a kitten, but you also want it to be safe as well. Not only will you need toys and litter boxes and things like that, but a carrier for the cat is needed as well to bring them home. If you can find out what food the kitten was eating wherever you are getting it from before you adopt, you can stock up on it and make the transition even smoother. Going to another food brand so early in their lives can do more harm than good. The litter should be the same too. Just until your cat gets a bit older.

It’s Kitten Time!

The day has come when you are finally going to be taking your little kitten home with you. Be sure to bring your travel carrier with you. It should have some sort of a blanket inside that will keep the kitten warm too. When you get there you want to check all of the medical records that are attached with this kitten and ensure everything is in order. One way to get the kitten to transition easily into the carrier is to ask for the blanket to be rubbed on the mother’s fur. You would ask the breeder to do this, most shouldn’t have a problem with it. This gives the kitten that sense of security on the way home.

Now it is time to introduce yourself to the kitten and your family to the kitten too. Make sure that the room the kitten is in has easy access to water and food. If you are not able to stay home with the kitten during the day, be sure that you put them in a room that is safe and secure before you leave. The room should also have some toys, a blanket, and food/water. You should always stop and double check before you leave. Just ask yourself, is this room kitten friendly? I find by asking that question before I leave for the day that I usually think of something that I can change for the better, then I feel much better about leaving.

Keep an eye on the vaccination dates that you have coming up in this kitten’s lifetime. I find that putting the paperwork somewhere safe and tucked away is a good solution, but sometimes you can forget that it is there and forget to check it when those dates come up. Leave yourself a sticky note on the fridge or something like that if this is the case. Your kitten needs those vaccinations.

Playtime is going to be an important opportunity for you and your family to bond with the kitten and show that kitten that you are friend not foe. Use the toys that you got them and try and set aside time each day that is just for playing with the kitten. Kittens are extremely attention oriented and want to enjoy time with you. Especially when they are at that young of an age.

Think things through and always go with what is best for the cat, not for you. It sounds like a simple piece of advice, but I see it broken all of the time. These few months that your kitten is growing in your home with are the most crucial of their lifetime. This is your chance to ensure that your cat is doing things the right way and they are building good habits rather than bad. Keep in mind, your kitten is not going to be a little kitten forever. This is the time you should really cherish with your kitten and make the most of it.