How do I introduce the cats so they won’t fight? Why do they fight? I’m scared for the new kitten or cat. Will my other cat be mad at me?

These are all legit questions people ask themselves when they want to introduce a new cat in the family that already has a cat to begin with. First of all lets get some insight on how a cats life is really like. On the part about if your cat will be mad at you. It all depends on the character of the animal. Most of them will show you some form of attitude for a bit. This is an indication that they feel betrayed. But trust will come back in time. Some muchfaster then others. On my major attitude old cat she gave me attitude for 1 week of hissing and growling at me wouldn’t let me touch her. She also fought against all cats but she did accept one at last and then another was forced on her that she doesn’t like much but she has to live with it. Remember YOU’R THE BOSS!

A cats life is like the Royal British family. You have a King, Queen, Prince, Princess and so forth. Now when there is a cat that has lived in the home without another cat they will automatically claim being queen of the domain. This is fully understandable, until another one comes. When another cat comes into the home the fight of who is queen and who isn’t will start. To help with this transition, you must firstly think and question if the other cat is ok with being with another. Some people will test the boundaries with yes I know this sounds funny but a beanie cat baby. When another cat is very maternal it will take to the beanie very well and will try to remove the tag from the ear and start licking the beanie. This is an indication that bringing a younger cat/kitten is a very safe and good idea.

If the cat growls or ignores it or even swats it then you know the other might turn into either a meanie with the new cat/kitten or even an ignorant cat who wont give the cat the time of day. If it ignores the beanie there is high chance the cat will eventually become friends with the newbie. But an aggressive behavior is a great indication that the cat won’t even be friends and might cause lots of stress for the new one.

Types and Rules

The rule for all types of cats, place the kitten or other cat in a carrier and bring it out so the other will be able to see and smell the other cat safely. Leave the cat in the carrier until you see some sort of friendliness. These signs are your original cat coming back over and over to smell and growl a bit. This must be done in order to connect to the other cat. As though each cat has there own language and it will take time for them to each learn each others body and speech language. Just remember your bringing in a foreigner into your home. So think on how difficult it would be if this was a person. You ill become friends but the time will be needed to learn each others ways.

At night bring the other cat into another room to walk around use litter and such. Feed both cats separately from one another. Brush the new cat with the other cats brush and then afterwards go to your cat and use the same brush. Do not clean the brush. Let the cat smell the other. Make sure they both don’t have fleas.

When all is safe let them both out and see each other You will be faced with the odd fighting but this will subside once when they determine who’s boss (queen) and who’s not. The new one might go hiding or even yours if you got another cat who is stronger then yours. Treat them both equal. Don’t scold but if you find that the fighting is too much make it clear by shouting NO, and telling both cats you are both going to live here so get along. Give them both treats and stuff in front of the other.

You can now feed them somewhat close, but a good foot or 2 feet away is best. Be careful as though at this time jealousy will come into play and one cat will try to eat the other cats portion. So be prepared. Make sure at this time also you have 2 litter boxes. You can remove one later when you see a friendship happening. But not before unless you want to see mishaps on your carpet or anywhere else.

Now to decide what kind is good for each cat even if you decide to still get one even if the other proves it will be a pain in the ass.

For a maternal cat, any cat/kitten that is younger then it. Best is a kitten of any sex. The female will accept it quickly within a day or two. Sometimes a full week but maternal cats will reply to the kittens cry’s. A suggestion is not to get a much older cat to bring home as though there might be maternal conflict with each other as well as one not wanting to be pampered. Now it doesn’t matter if the main cat is male or female as though males do become maternal. So any combination is good whether you get a submissive kitten/cat or an aggressive one.

Now for the ignorant cat, best is to really not go too young with a young kitten but maybe a semi aged cat that isn’t 1 yet but not so young as a kitten. So then if anything happens there won’t be a huge problem as if there was a younger cat. This one would be able to run fast and possibly defend itself. Same applies for this cat on submissive or aggressive. Your ignorant cat will change if it has to.

Lastly the growling non acceptant cat. If you have a choice the ultimate is not to get another cat with this one. But if you still want to avoid kittens. As though if they are very defensive these cats can kill a kitten out of roughness at introduction unless you use complete precautions. Do not get a much older cat then this one as though you are asking for trouble. They will fight for there rights and they will not accept to be demoted from being queen or king. So avoid this. Find a cat that is submissive for this friendship to bond, if not there will be nothing but constant fighting throughout day and night and believe me its not pretty waking up to a cat fight. Avoid all Aggressive cats.




Now remember this. A female cat will fight to teach the other a lessons but they are not known to cause injury. But males on the other hand will and will cause injury to males and females if the other is a fighter. So be careful.

Now if this still is confusing you on what to do, maybe an aquarium or a bird might be a better choice.

Enjoy the challenge and thrill of sucess!!