A cat carrier or larger container should be fine for the squirrel until it starts to age and outgrow it. Keep in mind that you are going to have to adjust eventually to a bigger cage. The bigger cage should still have a baby blanket or a smaller blanket of some kind at the bottom. Remember to not use a towel or anything that has frills that the squirrel could catch it’s feet on and hurt themselves. Pay attention to just how warm the squirrel is getting. You don’t want anything 100 degrees or over. They should sit comfortably at 99 degrees.

For health reasons, you are going to need to give them something to chew on when they move to a larger cage. If you don’t, you can risk their teeth growing backwards. Which, as you can imagine, is not a fun experience at all. They also need to climb around and get used to normal squirrel activities to help develop their muscles. If they are unable to do physical activity, it can really harm them and the way that they grow. Of course, this is after they have shown that they are eager to get some exercise in.

At one point you will begin to move the food around in a cage that is at least 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet. This will help them develop their skill for finding food, one that they really can’t do without. Plus, keeping them high in the cage will keep them feeling safe. The higher they are the better actually. You also want a variety of shelves and things for the squirrel to use. This helps them get used to climbing and getting around obstacles, which is a necessity once they are released. From hear on out you are basically training the squirrel for what life is going to be like once they are released back into the wild.

You can slowly start to mix things in that are a little more realistic that they will face once they have been released as well. Branches and things of that nature make perfect training tools for the climbing that they are going to do once released. Another important factor is to not use a cage that has the wire grading on the bottom as well. This will hurt the squirrel and will not work very well at all. Don’t place water bowls or food bowls inside the cage. That is going to be a waste, they will eat them up in a heart beat. Use alternative methods of placing water and food.

Cage Cleaning

I know that cage cleaning is never going to be at the top of everyone’s “fun things to do list”, but it is one of those things that we have to do. The sanitation of any animals space is one thing that should never be compromised, along with their health and diet. You can move the squirrel to a smaller carrier just while you do the cleaning. You can also just let them roam about in the room you are in. Just don’t let them near the cage while you are cleaning it. Use a simple soap and water mix to clean out the cage. The toys and things of that nature should be cleaned as well before being put back in after the cage is cleaned.

It is extremely important to keep the cage clean for any animal that you own, or the space that they are in. One of the top reasons why animals start to develop health problems is because of poor sanitation. Which comes down to the owner being lazy, and it is really a shame to see that happen to such beautiful creatures. Make sure that you don’t fall into this category when you are cleaning and do a thorough job of it. You’ll feel better knowing you did right by them and they will have a much nicer cage to run around in.