When you first step foot in the door with your new kitten, the very first thing you want to do is bring your kitten to the cat box. Set him in there, and let him find his way around the house from that point. This is so he will know his way to the box when he feels like he might have to go. Failure to start out this way can result in your kitten having accidents and being confused. During this time, it is imperative that you and other family members let the kitten explore, and resist the temptation to pick him up and snuggle and pet and play with him. He needs to know where he is and what he is supposed to do. As your kitten wanders around the house, every half hour to an hour, put him back in the cat box until you see him actually use it. Once he uses the box, he will usually go back to the box in the future. Keep an eye on him until you see him use it on his own a few times. Key times to help him out by putting him in the box are after a big meal, and after a nap. This is usually all it takes to potty train a kitten or a cat.

Sometimes cats and kittens insist on going on the floor somewhere. This can be because the area he is choosing has been soiled by an animal who previously lived there, or he just doesn’t get what he is supposed to do. If your kitten insists on going on the floor somewhere, the cure is to lock him in the bathroom, or any other small room like that, with his food, water and cat box. The smaller the area, the better chance he will use the box. If the area is too big, he may not use the box. Keep him in there for a couple of days, letting him out only when supervised. Meanwhile, clean the soiled spot with an enzymatic cleaner, such as Nature’s Miracle. Soak it thoroughly. After a few days, let your kitten out and watch him carefully. After you are sure he is using the box religiously, you can put a second box where you want it, keep showing it to him, and when he finally uses it, you can eliminate the temporary box in the “training room”.

Don’t forget to show your kitten where the food is too, especially after he does his thing in the cat box. After he knows what he is supposed to do, you can start introducing him to those toys and his bed and any other thing you might have gotten for him. Start getting to know him and enjoying his personality.