You should keep using the Pedialyte for a few days at the least. If you make the switch too quickly to formula or food it can end up doing more harm than good. This is the case with just about any animal after they are rescued. They are not yet ready to digest food and it make take a few days after the initial rescue to get them to a point where they can.

The next step after feeding them is to get them to urinate. I know, it doesn’t sound like much fun, but it is one of those things that needs to be done. To get them to urinate, use a damp cloth and stroke the belly/genitals very gently. This should do the trick. It may not be very much if the squirrel has not been drinking very much. If the urine is a healthy light yellow, you are making progress. If it is a darker yellow or brown, this means you need to increase the amount of feedings. This is a process that you are going to have to do, that is until you know that they can do it on their own. Once you move from the Pedialyte to the solid food or formula, then you will be required to help them with their bowel movements as well.

The size of the belly should then tell you when you are going to have to feed again. This will tell you if they were able to digest what you gave them before. If they have not digested it by the time you are supposed to feed again, then you will have to keep trying to stimulate until urination has occurred. If you are worried that it is gas or something of that variety, you will have to use another technique to get them to pass it. Put the lower half of their body in warm water, and then massage the abdomen. While you are making sure that they are not too cold, you should be looking for some kind of stool or gas that has passed.

Frequency of Feeding your Baby Squirrel

First, make sure that you have a tip dropper or syringe that doesn’t have a needle. Most of the time you can even get these from your local vet, as they are usually happy to assist. You also need the proper technique while you are feeding them. They should be feed with the tip of the syringe/dropper in their mouth and very slowly. Make sure that you have them upright when you are starting this process.

The right amount of feeding quota comes out to about a half of a CC of the Pedialyte, which should be administered every quarter hour for the first two hours. Some times the Pedialyte can start to come through the nose. If this is the case, stop feeding them immediately. Next, take a tissue and wipe the nose gently. The thing that you don’t want to happen is the Pedialyte going back in through the nose. Once they have resumed their normal breathing behavior, you can begin the feeding again.

After the few days has gone by and the squirrel is back to normal hydration wise, the feedings should then be moved to every couple of hours. Keep in mind, a two hour feeding is still quite rapid. Thus why this is only recommended for the first 2-3 weeks of the squirrels life. After that, they are able to move on to other feeding patterns and times. By this point, you should be gradually mixing in the formula into the feedings. But you want to make sure that you do it gradually. Every 3 feedings or so you want to add a bit more in.

Then, by about 12-16 feedings after hydration, you should be close to 100% formula each feeding. Once they move to about 4 to 5 weeks, you can start to move it to every 3 hours for feeding times. You can also introduce solid food once they have their eyes open. It is vital that they get the right nutrition after that, so make sure you do your research on whatever you are giving them after the 7 week mark.

Feeding your Baby Squirrel Solid Foods

There are a couple of things that you should know before you even think about introducing solid food into the diet like berries and nuts. Carefully give them one at a time when you do, and see if they like what it is that you are offering. If urination occurs on the food that you are trying to give the, or they just seem disinterested, you are going to have to try something else. A couple of feedings a day with different solid food will give you a good pace. That way none of the food rots. So, how can you tell when you are ready for solids like these? The baby squirrel will eventually show disinterest in the formula that you are giving them. Normally, this can occur somewhere in between 7 and 10 weeks.

Vegetables, nuts, and fruits are among the most common solids that you you will introduce to them at that time. I have even seen people use a few cereals that don’t contain a lot of sugar. It is going to vary depending on the squirrel and how old they are. I would recommend trying a few of these:

  • -Berries
  • -Lettuce
  • -Carrots
  • -Some kind of a nut
  • -Apples
  • -Avocado

There is a long list that I could go on and on with, but these are just some of the common choices that I find are readily available in a home already.