Squirrels are the kind of animals that definitely need companionship. This is why they are often released in the groups that they were rescued in. If you have one squirrel, obviously you are going to have to step it up and be the companion even more while you are raising them to be released. If there are a couple of squirrels, it is going to make things easier on the release. They will be able to travel together and use their skills as a team for food and other stuff.

A squirrel can have heart problems and die if they are kept in a cage for too long. Don’t worry, I didn’t tell you that to freak you out. The next step is to give them about an hour a day to roam around the house. Now, this doesn’t mean completely releasing them. If you do that, you could release them too early and you will be back where you started. Even when they are four months old, they are still quite young and will be taken advantage of when they get released into the wild. The usual time frame to release them is when they hit half a year. By then, they should be able to take care of themselves and stand a great chance at living a long and healthy life.

After you have done that for a while, you can start to introduce them to the outside world. A carrying case should be used for a while when doing this. They will begin to get used to the world around them and all that it has to offer. They might not be able to go out there yet, but it is a good idea to get them used to all of the sounds and smells ahead of time. Eventually you will be able to take them out and let them roam around for a while each day. Ensure that you are near them, because they will be cautious and only roam if they know you are there at first. They might even stick to you the first couple of times out. One thing you want to watch out for is when they get somewhere that is too high for them. Then they might end up too scared to be able to make it back down from wherever they are. Just keep an eye out and you can avoid this.