There are tons of choices to select from for your new aquarium as far as filters go. The type of filter that you should pick will depend on the size of the tank you have in mind and the number of fish you plan on keeping in that tank. Sometimes more than just one filter is needed to achieve maximum results and have your water looking better than ever!


Internal Filters That Use Air

This is going to be one of the cheaper options that you will find. It is also a great choice for those of you that are going to be housing small fish with small aquariums. It is a good fit for smaller fish because it gives the necessary cleaning function to keep that water clean while still being gentle enough for the small fish. Another benefit of having this filter is that it is placed on the inside of the aquarium. This means you can put it closer to walls and not have to worry about the filter leaving a space in between.


The Internal Power Filter

Another choice that is made for aquariums that are small, preferably under twenty gallons, is the internal power filter. It is like a hybrid of the air-driven internal filter and a power filter. It still sits inside of the aquarium, but it has got the power of the power filter. It is an awesome combination that can provide the excellent water movement that you have been looking for. Also, it tends to catch things before they have time to get nestled into the bottom of your aquarium. It is definitely one of the more versatile filters.


Filters Under The Gravel

Undergravel filters have become a filter system that a lot of people like. They like it because of the fact that there is not a giant filter sticking out of the aquarium or in the aquarium. You get all of the functionality without having to actually see the filter. Most under gravel filtration systems are going to be inexpensive, and will allow you to get the break down of bacteria that you need to have a healthy aquarium. This filter is going to be used in larger and smaller aquariums, but is always going to require that you have a low fish quota in your aquarium.


The Power Filter

Next up is the most popular choice among aquarium owners, the power filter. This is because they are so easy to use and always provide a great filtration chemically and biologically. This filter will sit just off the back of your aquarium, and are a common choice that you will see in many homes with tropical fish as well. Another reason why this is one of the more popular filters is because maintenance is really a breeze. You replace cartridges with new ones and you are good to go. Some of the newer models can even provide more bang for your buck as far as filtration too!





Dry & Wet Filters

Dry and wet filters are a common choice for those that have saltwater fish aquariums. They can also be used for any larger aquariums really as they have a great efficiency even in large tanks. They get their name because they use both water and air for their filtration system and biological media. You will however find that these are often the hardest filters to set up with an aquarium. That is because they are almost like plumbing, they way they work their way to the tank. Some people like this option though, because then they can get a little more involved with the filtration process.


Don’t Forget About Canister FiltersĀ 

This filter is usually used with those aquariums of the larger variety or that have a large number of fish inside them. The canisters are used in unison to give you an extremely efficient and effective filtration. The work load that it takes to set up one of these filters is slightly more than it would take to set up a power filter. The work suddenly becomes irrelevant when you see how much power and awesome filtration this system really has when it is in action. They are used for both saltwater aquariums and freshwater plant aquariums.