Believe it or not, cats can be trained! They can be trained to stay off the counters, stay away from your food at dinner time, and of course, to do certain special things for you which are generally defined during the relationship between you and your cat. I once had a cat that would turn lights on, mostly in the middle of the night. Another cat of mine would use the toilet from time to time. Cats are smart and rewarding pets to have, and part of the training process involves you getting to know the personality of your cat.
Basic Training

The only thing you need is a spray bottle set on the “stream” option, filled with water. You simply spray your cat or kitten when he is doing something you do not like. Have several spray bottles around the house so you have access quickly when he is breaking the rules. NOTE: You must correct him during the time of the unwanted act, not after. The order of action goes like this:

1. Your cat is doing something you don’t want him to do.
2. You grab your spray bottle which is always by your side during training, yell his name, and say “No!”
3. You spray him immediately after you yell “no!” and watch him run away.
4. Consistency is key here, you must not relent or be lazy!

You can use this technique to train him to stay off counters, stop scratching furniture, or anything else he might do that you don’t like. Remember, it is not for fun, it is only for discipline. Cats do not like water and it would be abuse to spray him needlessly, not to mention he would not understand what he is supposed to do if there is no consistency to the spraying.

If you are having a particular problem with your cat training or want more information, click on “Cat Chat” to ask a question about training your cat!