Feeding your kitten the right diet from the start is important for the health of not only your kitten, but for your adult cat too. Your kitten is growing, so he needs more calories and fat than an adult cat needs. Food designed for kittens has that basic need covered. Your kitten should have dry food available for him at all times. Dry food is good because it offers a crunchy texture that is good for your kitten’s teeth. Choose a dry kitten food such as Hill’s Science Diet or Nutro Max Cat, depending on what your cat likes. Offering two brands of crunchy food is nice so your kitty can have some variety. Of course, water should be available and refreshed daily.

Wet food is a favorite for kitties, and can also be used as a training tool. For instance, if your cats are indoor/outdoor, feeding them canned cat food at night will program them to return home to get their treat. This is a perfect way to collect your cats to keep them in for the night. Start training your kitten before he starts going outside and he will already be trained to come home at night.

Once your cat reaches one year old, you can switch him to an adult formula. He can eat the adult formula until he is about 7 years old, or until your vet instructs you to feed him something else. Wet food can be given throughout your cat’s life. Whenever you change your cat’s food from one brand to another, do it gradually! Start mixing in the new food slowly while reducing the quantity of old food. If you change abruptly, he will probably get diarrhea and/or digestive problems such as vomiting.

It is common for people to think that kittens and cats need milk. This is not true. Unless you have a kitten that is not weened, cats and kittens do not need milk. In fact, large amounts of milk will give your kitty diarrhea. Feel free to give your kitty treats such as milk and people food, but in small quantities. Unweened kittens should have KMR, a milk replacement for kittens, and not cow’s milk. If you need KMR as soon as possible, purchase it at your local pet store.