Cats are wonderful pets to have and love, but we all want a presentable house for the most part. Furniture isn’t cheap, and doing your best to stop them from scratching it can be a challenging quandary. Cats need to scratch to stretch their muscles and keep their nails trimmed and sharpened. It is a natural and instinctive thing for them to do. There are a few solutions that can be put into practice to solve this problem.

NOTE: This site does not endorse declawing. It is inhumane to your cat. Declawing is analogous to removing the first section of each of your fingers.

The following options are available to help stop your cat from clawing your furniture:
Willa’s Ark Sofa Shields sofa protectors.
Soft Claws® Nail Caps, or “Manicures” (not for indoor/outdoor cats)
Use Paws Off double stick tape to deter your cat from your sofa.
Offer other objects for your cat to scratch, and see our cat training page for help training your cat.
Willa’s Ark Sofa Shields

Willa’s Ark Sofa Shields are wonderful for the cat that goes outdoors as well as indoors. Simply place the Sofa Shields on each sofa or chair, and if your cat scratches, it won’t allow any damage occur on your sofa. When you have guests over for entertainment, simply remove the Sofa Shields and enjoy the night. When guests leave, you can put the Sofa Shields back. Sofa Shields are made exclusively by Willa’s Ark, using quality carpeting. Order Sofa Shields now!

Soft Claws® Nail Caps

You can buy cat finger nails to glue onto your cats nails that are too blunt to do damage to your furniture. He will still scratch, but he won’t be able to dig his nails into the fabric or leather. This product is for indoor cats ONLY! Click here for more information about Soft Claws®. Order Soft Claws now!

Other Options

Other options include offering a scratching post or cat jungle gym. Even a simple scratch pad is popular to many cats if placed next to their favorite scratching spot. Apply cat nip to encourage your cat to be interested in the scratching post rather than your couch. Use your spray bottle whenever you catch him in the act. My cat loved to scratch cowboy boots. I let him have the pair and kept the new ones in the closet. You can also trim his nails yourself. This will reduce his scratching, but it won’t stop it. CAUTION: If you have never trimmed cats nails before, consult your veterinarian first; you need to be trained! You can easily trim the nail too short, causing your cat extreme pain and to bleed. You could also cause yourself to have an expensive vet bill if they have to remove the whole nail.