When do you trim your cats nails? How do I trim them? Will it hurt? How do I trim them properly? These are questions that are asked on most occassions. Well here is fianlly the place to learn. You will find drawings of directions below, please click on the link to see it if unclear or to make sure you do it right. If you are still weary to cut them, bring the cat to the vet for the vet to show you how.

Click, click, click, click …. you hear the evident sound of a paw that needs to be clipped. See your cat biting its nails? Another sure sign. Claw marks over your body after playing or furnitured destroyed? Look and learn the trade of nail clipping and avoid the declawing or getting mad at the big ball of fluff. And if done properly it will not hurt the cat a bit.

These are simples rules to follow. Make sure you have a pair of sharp cat clippers or people clippers. Make sure when trimming the nails with human clippers always trim from the flat side to avoid splitting nails.

Trim them often to prevent claws from getting too long and causing problems, they should be trimmed every six to eight weeks. If your pet is an indoor cat, it may need trimmings more often as though they dont wear down there claws much.

Start them young. You should teach your kitten or cat early in life. Get them accustomed to you holding there paws, petting them and rubbing there toes, it causes less struggles and easier and faster trimming sessions.

Carefully, making sure you don’t cut too far and too quick. You want to make the nail blunter not shorter. For cats this means cutting no further down then is needed to remove the sharp tip. Always look at the cats nail before trimming to be more certain not to cut too short. To expose the cats claws gently squeeze the toe from top to bottom. This forces the nail out so you can blunt the tip.

Exposing the nail for trimming.

Work in shifts. If your animal starts to fuss, stop cutting, only accidents happen when trying to force an animal to stay. You dont have to do it all at once. Take your time and do one paw at a time. It might take you a week to get it all but in time the cat will come to accept the nail clipping sessions.

Where to clip the nail

Reach for the shaving kit. Many nail injuries occure when owners accidently trim too close to the quick ( the nail bed ). To staunch the bleeding, rub the cut place with styptic pencil or coagulant powder. The chemicals used to stop bleeding may sting for a moment, so hold your pet snugly when applying.

Turn to flour. Another way to stop the bleeding is to dip the toe in flour and pat the powder in.

By now your cat had its first trimming, you are not a nervous wreck and you have learned something new for next time. So please come back anytime and check out the other great stuff on this site.