It is normal for a cat to vomit up small amounts of hair that has been swallowed during the grooming process, but sometimes an excessive accumulation of hair can cause problems.

Signs your cat has Hairballs – A build-up of hair within the stomach may put the cat off its food due to the distension that is causes. The cat may also vomit repeatedly even after eating, dry cough, and constipation, yet be unable to clear the hair.

cat hairball Causes – This condition is particularly common in long-haired cats, especially if they are not groomed regularly by there owners, this is also found more in multi cat homes that have cats grooming each other as well.

Cat Hairball Remedies – A laxative such as liquid paraffin will act as a lubricant and may help the hair to pass through, or a teaspoon of Vaseline, or 1 tablespoon of butter given for 2 –3 days straight to get rid of the fur ball, and regular grooming will often prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. If the cat does not improve within a day or two after treatment is given, veterinary attention should be sought to rule out any other possible causes.

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