The first step to having a house bun is to bun proof your home and prepare for your bunnies arrival. There are many things in your house that are dangerous to your bunny and tempting for him to chew on or eat. This is important since your bunny can be electrocuted from chewing on cords. Also, look around: Are there easy ways for your bunny to get onto your computer desk or counters, and other places you may not want him to go? Make sure you push that desk chair in or move some furniture to accommodate your new family addition. After your bunny moves in, he will train you on what needs to be done to make it safe for him and acceptable for you.

First, electrical cords should be encased in split flex tubing. These are simply plastics tubes with horizontal cross ribs, with a slit down the length of the tube. They can be purchased at your local home improvement store. Your electrical cords slide easily into these tubes and protect your wiring from your bunny’s teeth. Bunnies need to chew, and cords are popular. Providing your bunny with lots of suitable chew toys will reduce his desire to chew on your electrical cords.

Household plants will need to be put up high so they aren’t an afternoon snack for your bunny. Some plants are poisonous to bunnies, such as poinsettias, holly, rhubarb leaves, and oleander. Anything green is a tempting snack. As an occasional treat, purchase kale or lettuce plants at your local nursery and set them around the house for a healthy snack for your bunny to find.

Bunnies are inquisitive, so baskets full of magazines and open shelving full of books can be quite tempting to a wandering bunny who is looking for an adventure. Books and magazines can sometimes be very tempting to shred. Place all small items and items made of paper at higher levels, so your bunny doesn’t get into trouble. Try a newspaper, magazine or cardboard box placed on the floor for a new bunny toy, and see what he does!

Repellents are important for those areas that cannot be removed, such as the wood leg on your couch, a book shelf, or other furniture. Anything that you know you don’t want your bunny to get into that cannot be removed can be sprayed. Sometimes, perfumes you use every day are deterrents for your bunny. Bunnies have a keen sense of smell, so you don’t need to drench the area and make it unbearable for you to be in the room too. Air freshener sprays may also work. You will have to experiment to see what stops your bunny. Remember, things that taste bitter to us are not necessarily bad-tasting to bunnies, so applying bitters may not be effective.