Litter box training your bunny is fairly easy since your bunny naturally chooses a certain location to eliminate himself. Your bunny’s first day home should be spent in his cage. He needs to define where his home is and feel safe in his surroundings before he is allowed freedom. He should be using his litter box regularly before he is ready to come out and explore. Your bunny’s cage is also good when you are not home or sleeping. As time goes on, you will know how much he can be trusted and you can leave him out of his cage accordingly.

When your bunny is comfortable in his cage, you can let him out for some exploring. Let him out in small area increments at a time. By using small areas, it reduces the chance that he will find another spot to use as his potty outside of what you have in mind. As you enlarge his play area, he will choose places for his litter box. Set one where ever he decides to “go”. As time goes on he will choose one or two and use them. Then, you can eliminate the others. Bunnies need to mark their territory, so more litter boxes at first help to accommodate this need. Remember, this is temporary, as time goes on, you can eliminate some of the boxes. Keep your bunny off the bed and furniture until he has strong litter habits. Carrying your bunny right to the litter box after opening his cage can also help teach him where to mark.

While your bunny is out and about, it is fun for him to find chew treats and toys stashed around his play area. Keeping his mind occupied along with providing areas where he can “go” will help in his adjustment to his new home. If your bunny is having trouble becoming litter box trained, his play area might be too big too soon. Also, putting some hay in a corner of his box can help him use it more reliably. A large size cat box with lots of hay in it can act as a great litter box. It should be deep so the hay doesn’t get spread all over the floor.

After your bunny has developed good litter box habits, you may want to allow him to visit on the couch and bed so he can become more of a member of the family. Sit back and enjoy all the things he will teach you and all the things he will do to entertain you.