Preparing a rabbit house before your rabbit comes home is important to ensure that your rabbit is safe when he arrives, and you have as little worry as possible. You will want to enjoy him, not go shopping for this or that. Have it all available for him right off the bat. Make your rabbit a home that’s comfortable and safe.

First, your rabbit needs a house, or a den. This is a place that he can go to sleep or eat and feel safe. A cage that opens on the side for him and the top for you is best, such as the Bun Condo pictured here. In his house he needs water, food and a litter box. Water can be dispensed from a bottle or a heavy ceramic bowl. Light plastic bowls will be chewed and used as a toy when the water level becomes low. His food should also be in a heavy ceramic bowl so it won’t be turned over. He will need a litter box, filled with litter such as paper fiber, corn cob, or any other natural product other than pine or cedar shavings. There is evidence that pine and cedar can cause respiratory disease in rabbits. Whatever you choose for litter, your rabbit should not eat too much of it. If he is eating his litter, switch to a different one that he doesn’t like so much. Straw can also be used as litter.

Inside the rabbit house

He should have a soft bed of some sort. Cat beds, especially the type that are enclosed, are popular with rabbits. Beds which have a removable outer shell for washing are best. If you get this type, you can cover the inside cushion with a plastic trash bag, then put the plush covering back on in case he decides to eliminate inside his bed. It makes washing easy. Having something soft will encourage him to sleep there instead of in his litter box, where he won’t smell very good or stay clean. Another possibility for a bed is a soft material placed in a litter box, that way he feels “contained”, which they seem to associate with feeling safe.

You will need rabbit food. Pellets, and alfalfa (for buns one year and younger) or oat hay (for buns over one year), can be purchased at feed stores. For smaller quantities, go to our products page. You will want to make a trip to the super market for some bun fruit and greens to have on hand when your rabbit arrives. For a more complete diet description, see our rabbit diet page.

The items listed above are all necessities for your bunny. One of the most important things you will need for your rabbit is toys. If you don’t keep your rabbit’s mind occupied, he will find things to get into, so provide stimulation for him so he can stay healthy and you can stay happy. Your rabbit needs toys! Toys can be wicker or straw baskets and pine cones. Many parrot toys made from wood that are sold at pet stores can be great fun for your rabbit. The more stimulation your rabbit has, the less trouble he will get into around the house.