In the beginning there was clay, and clay and oh look more clay for the little box for all cats. But oh look a new age in designer cat litter, from fancy pearl looking beads that would be really nice in an aquarium to the flushable trees that is suppose to be environmentally safe to recycled newspaper and more. From how they hold up to how many times if changing it needs and pricing. In US currency.

Here is a documentary of all the types I have tried and put to the test with 3 different types of cats from the strong scent of male to the over flowing large female that can put any drunken man to shame when she lets loose the dam. Let’s not forget the average cat out there who does her piddles every moment she gets and digs till she reaches the other end of the earth. Also from a total of 3 adults having to change the litter box. So saddle up, get that pooper-scooper ready and lets go clean!

Ever Clean Clumping Litter – 25LB for 17.99 US –
Now this is a good clay product, just for cats that pee like truckers it makes the litter turns a little muddy if you don’t clean large bladders up right away. But its holds up but it doesn’t always do that job for the really stinky messes, but isn’t that what air fresheners are for?


ExquisiCat Pearl Fresh Cat Litter – 7.2Liters for approx. 15.99
Now first I would like to say is a good amazing product, but it has many downfalls. First if your going to use this litter make sure you stick another empty litter box infront of the entrance to the other box, as though if you have hardwood or tile floors this product will come out of the box with the cats feet and roll away. Making you step on them later. Some cats will try to eat this product first but it’s harmless. Some cats also will not accept the litter box at first, so you either have to force it on them or try there suggestion about mixing the beads with your litter, but to me that is money $$ down the drain. Other downfall is when its time to change the litter the whole thing, the urine that is not absorbs stays at the bottom of the box and produces horribly stench that if you have a weak stomach this ain’t for you. Other then that it gathers small amounts of urine at a time and dries out stools nicely but will not handle flooders. This product is good for 1 cat to pushing it 2, as though for 3 cats you have to change it max, every 15 days making it very costly and not worth it.


Feline Pine – 32LB approx. $32.55
Oh man who thought of this product had to be nuts. This product was rated very low; the only good thing about it was the value for the money. They claim that 20lb will substitute for 60LB of clay. Sound good? Hell ya.. But…. First of all these is pine, as in pine trees, great for being flushable but how many times you gonna flush your toilet as though you can maybe do a scoop or 2 at a time. These are wood-like pellets compressed that when the liquid gets to them they break down into sawdust and so called sink to the bottom. Well I had to siphon out the good pellets to the sawdust to make room. It was good that it didn’t track I’ll give it that but what was the worst thing of it was too human allergies. If you got allergies to stuff like grass, pollen, mold, dust, then this is not for you. This will increase your allergies right away and of course not thinking about it until later. So that was not good. Also the so-called nice scent of pine, well think about very wet molding pine as though that it what with the urine and poop will make it smell like. Not pretty. This is to me not worth the time or $$. Nice idea, but that is all it is. Also the special scoop it offers on the back is a waste cause you can buy one in the store for .99 cents with big holes instead of spending 5.00and up for there designer litter.


Swheat Scoop Cat Litter – 14lb 10.00, 40 lb 25.00-
NEW AND IMPROVED! Well what a good step into the right direction. Prior on swheatscoop litter I gave in only 2 stars but since the new and improved formula came out. Man what an improvement. This is terrific. I shall say for a regular litter box including flooders around and such, this is the brand for you. Sure the price is a little high but it lasts longer then clay. My flooder didn’t turn the box into a mud pie, and my stinky male didn’t let people know he was still alive. This litter didn’t allow the stink to get out. (not including when cats refuse to cover there poop). It says on the bag to clean it 3 times a day. Well sorry but I am not here to clean up after my cat every time. But that was still good. Put plenty of litter in the box like the bag says and let it go, heck even a day or two. It’s fab, it does the job that others haven’t done in a long time. The room has a slight odour of wheat which is not strong at all but a little on the light side that didn’t effect allergies at all. It’s totally flushable. Doesn’t track, has a little dust when you pour but it subsides fast. My cats took to it quickly and didn’t play with the litter. The only drawback. It’s not good in autmatic litter boxes. It will empty your whole box out by the end of the day. The reason is not mainly the litter but the box timmer doesn’t allow litter to have enough clumping time. So it drags half wet waste in the bins pulling the dry clean stuff with it. Bad if cat also is a bit runny. But in regular boxes, it’s priceless. I am converted.!!


Yesterday’s News Cat Litter – 15LB aprox 8.59
This is a nice idea for post-op cats to keep then as clean as possible, but… think about this… your newspaper found in the rain…I think that is all that needs to be said. Or if you need more, then lets do this, its no substitute for long periods of time nor flooders. It’s not a clumper so you use more, when urine gets absorbed it’s a mushy mess making the official change the big one a messy and irritable one. Who wants to keep stepping on urine soaked newspaper? I don’t.


Pa-Purr No-Scoop – 28LB for 34.00
What a great price for so much…Hmm what is wrong with this picture. States great for people who only want to change there littler box on a weekly basis. Well don’t let the humane society see that or you won’t have any cats again. Who wants to smell cat urine and excretion all week let alone what might grow in the litter box in the meantime? When paper gets we it gets soggy. If you like the weekly clean only then you should be ashamed of yourself. Why treat your cat that way when you have to flush at least every time you use the toilet.!!! tsk tsk I believe the makers were just trying to find a way to offload some of their paper waste.
So to break it all down to which is the best for multi cat homes are sorry to say, scoopable clay. For 1 housed cats I will admit the pearls are very good given the fact you don’t mind the beads rolling on the floor. And your cat is not a flooder.