If you have a baby squirrel orphan from hurricane Frances, please go to Squirrels-R-Forever.com for extensive instructions to care for your baby.

The information you read here is based on our experience and information gathered from other squirrel rescue people. Our first squirrel was probably about 3-5 weeks old, and we got her about 6 years ago in 1996. She was the cutest little thing with no teeth, ears rolled up and a small little bushy tail about 2″ long. We named her Miss Pearl the Squirrel, but her nick name became “Squirrel Baby”. We raised her until she could go back out into the trees. She was so loving, sleeping in the bottom of one of our tucked in shirts, going to restaurants, movies, and shopping, sleeping all the while. At night she would curl up under the covers at the bottom of the bed, never soiling her sleep place. When she wanted us to wake up she would try to pry our eyelids open with her hands. She was the cutest little thing!

She gradually started investigating the trees as she got older, first spending an hour or two up there, until she would come down and jump into our shirt. Gradually, she would spend more and more time until she would stay up there all day, and only come down to go to bed. Eventually, she didn’t want to come in for bed, so we provided her with lots of fluffy cotton and soft material for her home in the trees, which she took with excitement up to her nest. Everyday she would visit us and ask for nuts and treats, jump onto our shoulders and say hello.

If you have found a baby squirrel, first make sure you get your squirrel warm. Inside your shirt (tucked in of course) is a good place to warm her up, or you can put a heating pad, covering half the area, in the bottom of a cat carrier or other cage, covered with soft cotton tee shirts. Watch out for her claws, they might get stuck on other materials such as towels and could cause her to break her leg or need to have it amputated.

In the early weeks, feed your baby squirrel Esbilac (puppy replacement milk), available at your local pet store. Feed him with a syringe at this point, making sure not to let him snorkel formula up his nose. This will result in pneumonia and he will die. If you can’t feed him without causing it to come out his nose, slow down and feed him drop by drop. If you don’t have Esbilac, you can use about two tablespoons of whole milk mixed with one drop of Karo syrup, but only for emergencies. Whole milk and Karo syrup is not an adequate diet for baby squirrels on a long-term basis. If you don’t have Esbilac, go to the store as soon as possible and get it. Feed him as much as he will eat about every three to four hours. Squirrels that do not have teeth, have rolled up ears and/or their eyes are still closed need milk.

A Baby squirrel may need help eliminating waste. To do this, all you have to do is get a warm, moist towel (paper will do), and gently stroke your little squirrel’s bottom until she pees and poos. I usually do this after they eat as a routine. After she relieves herself, she can be snuggled, petted or just put back to bed.

What To Feed A Baby Squirrel

Feed Esbilac to your squirrel until he starts to lose interest in his food. When this happens, he is ready to move on to our special squirrel recipe:

1 – Cup Pecans or Walnuts
2 – 4oz Gerber Dutch Apple Dessert Baby Food
1/2 – Cup Rice Cereal (dry baby food)
4 – Large Scoops of Esbilac (for puppies)

Put all ingredients in a blender. Add water until the consistency is like that of yogurt.

If your squirrel will not eat this or any fruits or nuts, he may need medical attention. See if you can find a vet that will help squirrels in your area. If not, contact us.

What To Feed A Baby Squirrel THAT IS 6-8 Weeks old

When your squirrel is about six to eight weeks old, you can start to offer whole food to your him. Try chopping his whole food small so he can eat it easier. We have found that avocados and grapes are a favorite, along with different nuts such as pecans and walnuts. A squirrel should have a balanced diet, and not be fed only nuts, or only fruit, etc. The following foods can be fed to your squirrel, but he will determine what he likes. We offer our squirrel just about anything, except meat. Squirrels don’t eat meat. Try different things with your squirrel, see what he likes!


Recommended Fruits and Vegetables that a Baby Squirrel eats!





Apples Grapes Kiwis Strawberries
Melon Cherries Avocados Walnuts
Pecans Nuts, Shell On Pine Nuts Blueberries
Cucumbers Broccoli Carrots Spinach