Obviously the best thing that you can do when you find any abandoned animal would be to get in touch with your local wildlife rehabilitation center. Anywhere that they take care of animals, and squirrels are no different. It can be a challenge to take care of a squirrel, and you don’t have the resources that they do. Therefore I must stress upon you the seriousness of first trying to get the attention of a wildlife rescue program. A lot of the time they will come and rescue the animals, and you will be able to go home knowing that you made a difference.

There are many different reasons for a squirrel nest full of babies falling down from a tree. Bad or extreme weather is going to be the number one reason, especially during the hurricane seasons. It is important to know what you are getting yourself into before you take on such a huge responsibility. If you are not able to get in touch with a wildlife program, continue to read on so that you can assume the responsibility and do right by the little squirrel babies.

You would be surprised how many people find baby squirrels or nests that have ended up on the ground. It can be heart breaking to see for those of us that love animals. If you find a nest, you can easily put it back up in the tree closest to where you found it. If the nest is beyond repair, I would recommend using a basket. Then you can just pick up the rest of the nest and put it in the basket. Once that is done, then you can put it back.

After that, it is a good idea to keep watch and make sure that everything goes as planned. If you watch long enough, the mother should come back within a few hours. The mother might already be on to you, but she is just waiting and biding her time until she feels like she can safely return to her young. Thus why you are far away. Many people rush this process and take the baby squirrels before they give the mother a chance to return. If it has been several hours and the mother has not returned, then you can rescue them. Count the squirrels in the liter. If you only find one or a couple, you should scan the area and find any more. As a liter usually consists of four of them.

See What You’re Working With

Once you have made the decision to rescue them, you need to check a few health issues. First off, squirrels need to be warm and have something to lay in. My suggestion would be to take a smaller sized box, maybe even a shoebox, and combine that with a baby blanket. You can also use a heating pad under the box to raise the temperature. Please ensure that it is not too hot though. Use your instincts, if it feels to hot, it probably is. You use the baby blanket because it is one of the few blankets that will not catch the squirrels feet and do more harm than good. It also makes a nice snuggle buddy too!

Dehydration is another factor that you should be checking for at this point. It is a regular thing for abandoned squirrels, and any animal for that matter, to be dehydrated. You can replenish them, but you want to wait until they are no longer cold. To check to see if they are dehydrated, you are going to slightly pinch the back between the shoulder blades. If the skin sticks like that for more than a second, you will have your answer, they are dehydrated. No food or formula should be used up to this point. You might try some Pedialyte that you can get from the local store. But, like I said before, only after they are no longer cold anymore.