First and foremost, animal testing is one of the most widely supported inhumane treatments of animals. No doubt you have supported this yourself! You might be offended and wondering how you could be guilty of supporting animal testing: By buying products made by manufacturers that engage in animal testing. Look on the product labels around your house. Do they say “This product not tested on animals”? Chances are they do not. In the future, buy products that have not been tested on animals, and search for the bunny logo.

It guarantees that the manufacturers did not purchase any ingredients from suppliers that conducted or commissioned animal testing on them, and animal testing was not conducted on the finished product.

Products are tested on animals by injecting them, putting the chemicals into their eyes, making them eat it, making them breathe it, and making them live in it. An LD50 (lethal dose) limit is determined, that is the amount of product the animal can eat/drink before 50% of them die. Rabbits are used for eye experiments (like Princess-bun pictured above) because they have no tear ducts, therefore the product that is being dropped into their eyes cannot be washed away by tears (known as the draize Test, named after the scientist Dr. John Draize). These tests are performed on household items such as bleach, soaps, deodorants, cleaning supplies, perfumes, makeup, lotions, toothpaste, etc. Don’t we all know that eating bleach would not be a good idea without sacrificing the well being of thousands of animals to prove it? To understand animal testing, imagine you and 99 other friends and relatives all living in separate cages, with only the bare necessities such as food and water. Also imagine that you are part of a test to understand the LD50 dose of ammonia. Every day you are forced to drink a known amount of ammonia until 50 people in your group die. Blood tests are given frequently, and possibly other uncomfortable tests. Perhaps a catheter is inserted to collect and monitor the ammonia levels in your urine. This is only the ingestion part of the research. Other groups are inhaling the fumes or being injected. There isn’t money for pain killers, and that might change the results of the tests, so it is not used. If you put yourself there, it’s not such a good idea at all.

Some of the animals used in testing are rabbits, cats, rats, mice, birds, and dogs. There are outfits that actually breed and raise animals for the sole purpose of being sold to facilities that test on animals. Each year, an estimated 30 – 60 million animals are used in laboratory experiments. The most common breed of dog used is the Beagle. To do your part and help reduce the number of animals suffering needlessly, buy products that are made by manufacturers who do not engage in animal testing. Click here for a complete list of manufacturers in the US, Canada, and Australia who do not test on animals.