the American kennel club have a breeding standard. Although historically there are two varieties of this dog the white and the colored.

They have been regarded as different dogs since 1936, and the American bull terrier is now a white dog.

The white breed did become fashionable about 1860 when it was first bred. It was actually bred as a fighting dog and was known as the “white cavalier”. It has massive strength as a result of it’s huge jaws and powerful neck, and it was bred to provoke a fight.

Because of it’s courage it makes a superb guard dog, but it’s history means that this breed is misunderstood even to today. It is a loyal and loving dog, who loves to interact with humans. Most people do not believe that they make wonderful pets.

They are actually very tolerant of children, and they will tolerate quite rough play from them, and they will remain good humored. However this dog nor any other should be left alone with children that are unknown to them, they love to frolic and fight.

To me they are the king of the terrier’s, but I have often found people to be terrified of them. In my experience their temperament and personality is gentle, but they do love to play, and they will run and catch a ball for ever.

In fact in my experience they do not know when to stop, they have a powerful chest and can chase and chase. One of their quirks is that they do not bark unless there is a very just cause, so if you hear one bark do something about it at least investigate.

Primarily famous for being extremely intelligence and fiercely loyal, they do make very good, protective and caring additions to a family despite the press that they receive.